André “the Ninja” Brun

Here is a fun little video of  our good friend André Brun “ninja” stalking some unsuspecting browns!


New Loop Dealer USA

We are very happy to announce that Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters are now stocking a full range of Loop reels and rods! For more on Leland’s Loop assortment and other products and happenings have a look at their website:

Irish Fly Fair, Galway 2011

For those of you lucky enough to have a chance to attend the Galway Fly Fair in November we would really recommend to pay a visit to Atkins Angling and their Loop corner! They will have several of next year’s Loop news on show and you will also be able to try many of our lines, rods and reels. Mark Patterson, as a Loop Pro guide, Instructor and Loop rep will be there to give his views and expertise on how to best set up and match your equipment to work for your type of fishing. He will be accompanied by Gordon Nesbitt representing Atkins Angling as their Fly Fishing expert.

Loop will also have Glenda Powell performing casting demos at the fair and she will be available for anyone wanting some expert advice on casting or how to fine tune your equipment.

When: November 19-20th, 2011
For more info:

See you there!

Pimp My Loop Reel

At Loop we are always thinking about how to make our products even better looking. One of our customers beat us to it this time. Mari from Japan took matters into her own hands and made a very personalized reel. We are thinking about launching a replica under the name Evotec Bling Bling. Many thanks for the picture and happy hunting on the waters Mari. Beautiful craftsmanship!

Loop’s FlyFishingNation is participating at the EWF2K11

All Nationfans are more than welcome to come to our booth an get some freebies (limited Hardcopy Posters of some of Stephan Dombajs pictures and shopvouchers up to 50Euro) Furthermore we are presenting the first previews of our FFN Mobile APP and our BIG Roadshow 2011(in coop with LOOP)

For the latest info, check this link:

Loop Web site is getting a facelift

We are now launching the new Loop web site and we hope you like the new looks. Our Web guy is working around the clock to get all new things in place. We prioritized the products and the Catalogue, and will continue adding the features as they are ready. Dealers, instructors and so on will be added shortly.


The Loop IT Crowd

New Loop lines arrived in Åkersberga

The Season is on its way! Our new lines are here and they feel really hot! We dowe into the boxes, took out a Opti Max Distance, 21. 3 meter belly! Added a LTS X1 rod and took it out for a spin on the parking lot:

Potential monster casting lengths? Check!   This is the line for technical casters and looooong casts.

We moved to an, in comparison short, Opti Distance. 16.5 meter belly. Added a Evotec 590 Fast, and this is something for us ordinary mortals. Long? yes but this line makes me think of big lakes and coastal fishing. Long casts and great control.

The new Evotec lines, 85, 100 and 140. This is world class lines at a really good price. Allround lines where every one can find a favorite for their fishing situation and needs. I will be using the Evo 100 a lot this season, and maybe there will be time for some grayling hunting with an Evo 85 up north.



German Fly Fair Coming Up

The Sixth Internationale Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen, will take place the 9th and 10th of April

Click here to get to the information site

Picture from Arno Schlisskes stand in 2010

Loop at the Boat Show

Mr. Dombaj never rests. He recently represented Loop and Loop Adventures on the largest boat show in central Europe, where he teamed up with Rute&Rolle and Fisch&Fliege Magazin. The latest publication is pointed out by editor in chief Matthias Six, a fantastic story from Iceland.

The last rods in Buitreras

River report 19 feb
The river is now dropping from last weeks flood and a lot of fresh big fish is coming in from the sea.
There is still a few rods that can be booked this season:
26 march – 2 april – 2 rods
2 – 9 april – 4 rods